Internships at Sanare Today

Internships for 2022 are closed. Please check back in March of 2023 for openings. 

About Internships at Sanare Today:

Sanare Today offers graduate students the opportunity to dive into clinical counseling with higher acuity clients through our intensive outpatient group therapy structure. During your internship, you gain first hand experience on how to conduct level of care assessments and prescribe clinical recommendations. You will master the art of conducting group sessions, incorporating experiential activities such as role-plays, meditation or movement exercises. Expect to be pushed outside your comfort zone and feel empowered by the end of your time at Sanare Today. This internship will prepare you for anything!

Affiliated With:

  • Neumann University
  • Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Univeristy of Pennsylvania
  • Villanova University
  • West Chester University

If your school is not yet affiliated with Sanare Today, please email Stacy Shilling at

Internship Supervisors:

Intern Testimonials

"I am forever grateful for the experience and insight I was able to gain while working with the Sanare Today team. As someone who was unsure of the population or treatment level I wanted to work with, the varying populations I was exposed to during my internship provided me with a better understanding of my interests moving forward. While I was in school, I never saw myself wanting to run a therapy group but was surprised by how comfortable my supervisor Rachael, would help me feel. Rachael was compassionate towards my initial apprehension but challenged me in a way that I now attribute to my growth. I was astounded by her knowledge, work ethic, and ability to engage with clients on a daily basis. She demonstrated great use of skills and provided me with the space to explore my own interventions and orientations.

I feel that the abilities I was able to gain as a result of my internship put me ahead of my fellow classmates because I was able to expand upon both my IOP and outpatient skills. Not many other internship sites provided the opportunity to work in both a group and individual setting. Not only am I grateful for my supervisor, but for the entire team at Sanare for being so friendly and always ready to answer one of my many questions. I look forward to continuing my time with them as their newest IOP and outpatient therapist." - Olivia Rogers, 2020 Clinical Intern 

"As a graduate student entering your first clinical experience, imposter syndrome can be all too real. Personally, I was intimidated to go from the classroom to the group room and doubted my ability to begin putting my skills to practice. However, the team at Sanare Today never doubted me. Instead, they provided me a welcoming and encouraging work environment where I could truly grow into the therapist I’ve dreamed of becoming. Working alongside my supervisor Julia, I was provided both comfort and challenge and was able to learn all the details of the job that aren’t taught in school. I was able to gain experience in both group and individual settings with a diverse set of clients that have prepared me to confidently begin my career. Sanare offers such a rich learning environment with a large team of experienced clinicians, each with their own specialty or knowledge to offer. I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to work with a team that is not only dedicated to helping clients, but helping their interns thrive too! A huge thank you to the Sanare Team for helping me grow from the “imposter” to a confident counselor!" - Sophia Fokas, 2020 Clinical Intern