Bipolar Disorders: Natural Treatment Options

Treating bipolar disorder always works best when we use a multidisciplinary approach. That may include primary care medicine, psychiatry, counseling, functional medicine, nutrition, life coaching and more. This approach helps give people with bipolar what they need to feel stabilized and thrive. We do it all the time at Sanare Functional Medicine!

Natural treatments for Bipolar Disorder include nutrients like choline, omega 3’s, NAC, exercise, minerals, vitamins and more. These can be used alongside medications and therapy to get people incredible results. Read the details in the article below and send to someone who needs to know that there’s hope.

Click here to read about how we use natural treatments for bipolar disorder.

If you or a loved one have bipolar disorder, schedule an initial visit package today with our team so that we can help you heal and thrive, too!