Outpatient Programs

Sanare Today offers various outpatient and aftercare programs. These involve groups of individuals who are all struggling with similar concerns or looking to reinforce skills learned in IOP. The groups typically meet weekly or bi-weekly for 60-90 minutes. Groups are age specific such as groups for children & adolescents, as well as groups for adults. The size of each group is typically between 6 and 12 people.



Specialized Groups to Meet Your Nutritional Needs 

Are you looking for more community and accountability to support your nutritional needs? Sanare Today is launching specialized group programs to help you implement the changes that you’re looking to make! A safe place, led by registered dieticians, to connect with others facing similar obstacles. Two new specialized groups being launched in October: Celiac and New Moms!

Groups include:

  • Education
  • Group chats
  • Meal plans
  • Weekly group calls
  • And more!

Let’s get started now! To get on the list for a free discovery call to learn more, please sign up below:

Discovery Calls

Girls Self-Esteem Outpatient Group

Sanare Today Girls Self Esteem Outpatient Group

Meets Tuesdays at Sanare's Devon, PA location from 6-7:30pm

Our Self-Esteem Group provides girls ages 12-14 with a safe and supportive environment to share experiences, process emotions, and work on improving self-esteem.

Participants will:
❤️ Build connections with other like-minded girls their age
🧡 Enjoy a safe space to discuss sensitive topics such as self-image,  social challenges, and peer pressure
💛 Work to build a more positive self-image
💚 Practice healthy strategies to deal with complex emotions
💙 Get help with building healthy friendships
💜 Improve overall well-being

Participation is based on an initial screening (required). Please email Kitty McQuaid, MS to schedule. kmcquaid@sanaretoday.com

Mindfulness Outpatient Group

Sanare Today Mindfulness Outpatient Group

Meets Tuesdays at Sanare's Downingtown, PA location from 10-11am

For adults 18+ that are interested in learning and practicing mindfulness and meditation skills. This group will utilize DBT, CBT and trauma informed mindfulness skills. Each session will include a meditation, guided imagery, or activity to reinforce relaxation and emotion regulation. The therapist is trained to ensure a safe space for mindfulness practice in every session.


To get started, email Naomi Hewlings, MS at nhewlings@sanaretoday.com


Adult Aftercare Group

adult aftercare group

Meets virtually every other Thursday from 12-1:30pm

The intention of this aftercare group is to provide individuals with a consistent and supportive space to reinforce the therapeutic skills they acquired during their time in IOP. This group emphasises empowerment, collective accontability, and building resilience. All gender orientations/expressions and cultural identies are welcome.

  • Adults ages 18+
  • Must complete adult general mental health IOP at Sanare Today

To get started, email Josh Kashkett, MS at jkashkett@sanaretoday.com

Family Empowerment Group

parent empowerment group

For families, parent and guardians that are looking to strengthen and better support their relationship with their child. Through this group, participants will discover new ways of communicating with their child to strengthen their relationships and help their child thrive. It is not required to have a child in individual or group therapy for parents to attend this workshop.

What to expect:

  • Develop ways of responding to situations instead of reacting
  • Learn to understand mental health concerns and the impact on families
  • Learn to communicate and develop stronger relationships with their child
  • Learn to provide ways to support their child to formulate their own solutions
  • Work to strengthen positive coping skills to utilize with child in times of distress

This workshop is led by Sanare Today’s family outpatient therapist, Carol Rothera, LPC. Carol has been working alongside families in the community for 30+ years as a school counselor for grades K-12 as well as at the graduate level.


To get started, email Carol Rothera, LPC at crothera@sanaretoday.com