Videos for Therapy Online!

Sanare Today provides videos for therapy online to support those hurting from depression, anxiety or addictions.

Click the videos below to learn more about what to expect from Sanare Today's IOP program, outpatient program and coaching services. Our owner Dr. Lou Bevilacqua, in addition to our own licensed professional counselors and licensed clinical social workers, share what to look forward to when attending Sanare Today for behavioral health services. In addition to knowing what to expect from our services, our therapists also discuss various helpful tools that are used in our treatment of depression, anxiety and addiction. To request specific topics to be posted, please click the link below to contact our staff directly.

What to know about our IOP program here at Sanare Today. 

Click below to listen as our owner, Dr. Lou Bevilacqua, discusses what to expect from our IOP program and to find out who is appropriate for this type of behavioral health or addiction treatment. Dr. Bevilacqua also touches on various struggles you may be having and how to navigate through those struggles. The tools provided are meant to validate your experience and provide you with tools to navigate that experience in a more preferable way. These tools are just the beginning to your journey toward thriving. To learn more contact us today.

Sanare Today 8 Week Series: Videos for Therapy Online provided by our licensed professional counselor, Rachael Bevilacqua. 

Click the videos below to learn specific skills used in our IOP program to help navigate the path for change to move in the direction of thriving. The skills discussed are meant to serve as a guide to being more aware of your experience and where you have control to change your experience in helpful ways. Note: It is more helpful to watch the videos below in a spread out fashion so as to have time to process and practice the skills discussed. To learn more contact us today.