Mental Health IOP

Learn tools for thriving no matter the circumstance!


Who is appropriate for our mental health IOP? Our general mental health IOP track is for anyone struggling to thrive on a daily basis and looking to gain the tools for thriving no matter the circumstance. Individual barriers to thriving may manifest through depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship problems, and so much more. Sanare Today's mental health track is appropriate for ages 8-13 for our child/tween program, 14-19 (in high school) for our adolescent program, 18-22 for our young adult program, 18+ for our adult only program. 

What can group members expect? As with any of our tracks, individuals can expect to be met with compassion and whole-person oriented approaches to treatment. Each group day is made up of processing, skill-building, experientials and some days, support inclusion. While each therapist's group will be different per his or her style, participants can expect to have space to check-in with progress or stuck points, challenged to identify and apply skills and encouraged to work on specified tools during the off hours.

Is family involved with this track? Yes! There is also a family component that aims to build better communication skills among one another and to learn about how to keep each other accountable for change post discharge.

We Have 15+ General Mental Health IOP Clinicians Spread Across Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and Philadelphia Counties!

Sanare Today offers several specialized intensive outpatient programs: