LGBTQIA+ Trauma-Focused IOP Program

Providing a sense of community and affirming therapy that encourages thriving!

Who's appropriate?

Sanare Today offers an LGBTQIA+ Trauma-Focused IOP track to support members of our LGBTQIA+ community. This IOP group was intended to create a safer space for LGBTQIA+ individuals to bring their whole selves to therapy and to connect with other people who may share similar challenges. The LGBTQIA+ Trauma-Focused IOP is for those living with trauma related symptoms that are ready to address their trauma and learn skills to enhance their daily experience.

What is the group process?

Throughout the 12-week duration, group members can expect to focus on: Building a sense of safety & stability, unpacking & processing difficult experiences, and integrating what participants learn in group into their daily lives. Each of these components are crucial for supporting a thriving experience and therefore discussed frequently throughout session. Individuals will be challenged to enhance trust in themselves, utilize tools for responding to difficult emotions, and deepen their support systems.

What can you expect?

Our LGBTQIA+ Trauma-Focused IOP offers a sense of community and affirming therapy that encourages thriving. This particular IOP group provides a holistic approach to treatment, emphasizing a client-centered focus. Our experienced staff utilizes mindfulness and trauma-informed care to foster a meaningful therapeutic experience. This track is intended to be a closed-group format with a maximum of 8 persons. After completion, an LGBTQIA+ aftercare groups is offered to aid in continued skill implementation and stabilization.

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