Natural medicine works for:

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  • Interstitial Cystitis
  • Joint Pain
  • Leaky Gut / SIBO
  • Muscle Tension
  • OCD
  • Pancreatic Exocrine Insufficiency
  • Panic Attacks
  • Thyroid Conditions like Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism
  • Trauma and PTSD
  • Histamine Intolerance
  • and many more!

Meet the Sanare Functional Medicine Team

Dr. Kate Henry, ND

Director of Functional Medicine

Ally Cantando, RD

Integrative Registered Dietician

Anna Byrnes, BS

Functional Medicine Intern

What is naturopathic medicine?

Naturopathic medicine is a system of healthcare that emphasizes evidence-based, natural and preventive approaches to health. Naturopathic doctors treat the whole person and focus on healing the root cause of illness rather than medicating symptoms. The goal of naturopathic medicine is to empower you with the education and support you need to use food, lifestyle, herbs, movement, sleep, homeopathy, biofeedback and more to help your body be the healthiest it can be so that it can help to heal itself.

What can you expect?

The first visit comes as a package of:

One 60 minute naturopathic medicine appointment. This includes a thorough review of your story and history, symptoms, medical conditions, your values and your goals. Our team will create a custom food-as-medicine plan that includes nutrition, herbs, homeopathy, sleep support, movement and more to help you achieve the healthiest version of you. Based on your initial visit findings, our team may also recommend functional medicine testing or follow ups with specialists or your primary care physician.

One mind-body-spirit wellness plan

Two nutrition consults to help support your food-as-medicine goals

One delicious Food-as-Medicine menu

Nutrition for Wellness 101: 4 videos to teach you the science behind food-as-medicine


Can I use my insurance?

No, but you can use your HSA to pay! The states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware do not require insurance companies to reimburse for naturopathic medicine. We are not able to provide superbills for our care, but can provide receipts for payment upon request.


A welcome message from Dr. Kate Henry:

Dr. Kate

"If you're struggling and feel like you're doing all the right things but still not getting results, naturopathic medicine is the perfect fit for you. Naturopathic medicine works when nothing else does. It works for the toughest cases. It works because your body works when it is given the right ingredients and when the barriers in the way of its optimal functioning are removed."

-Kate Henry, ND

Testimonials from our clients:

"What I love about working with Dr. Kate is that she looks at the root cause and the whole person. Her kind, thoughtful approach is good for the soul, too!”

- Nina M.

"This was the first time I felt actually heard and encouraged and told it wasn't hopeless. Ally said it would be a team approach and we would look at things from lots of angles which was beyond encouraging. I am grateful"

- Sarah L.

"Dr. Henry is extremely knowledgeable and cares so much about her patients. I’ve lived with a chronic health condition for years and feel like I’m finally beginning on a journey to true healing under her guidance. I highly recommend her!"

- Samantha D.

"When traditional medicine couldn't address my fatigue, fogginess and acute abdominal pain, I decided to give naturopathic medicine a try. It's been a lot of work changing my habits but from the beginning, Dr Kate was able to give me relief for many of my chronic symptoms. Once the fogginess and fatigue left, I have been able to take on other challenges. I still have a ways to go, but every month I keep improving and that keeps me motivated."

- Selene

"My time with Dr. Kate to review labs was insurmountably helpful. She was able to pinpoint my struggles without me even saying them first, just by noticing deficiencies in my lab results. With some shifts in my diet and adding some supplements, I have been able to notice differences in mood and fatigue in a very short amount of time! Thanks Dr. Kate!"

- Rachael

I cannot say enough amazing things about Dr. Kate! Dr. Kate has helped me in more ways than I can count!  When I first came to her, my nutrition was all over the place, I was getting headaches almost every day, and my gut health was not where it needed to be. With Dr. Kate’s holistic approach, she has been able to change my diet, provide me with supplementation and even taught me how to breath correctly. Who knew there was a right way to breathe! Before all of these changes, I was feeling nauseous and sick practically every single day, which made me miserable! These changes have helped me improve my gut health, headaches, and anxiety. I am no longer waking up feeling sick to my stomach, I only get headaches maybe once a month, and using the correct way to breath has decreased my anxiety tremendously! 

With Doctor Kate you not only get to improve your health, but you get to meet someone who truly cares about you and your well-being. During my appointments with Dr. Kate, I never felt like I wasn’t being heard nor did she make me feel like my symptoms were in my head (which I have experienced many times with past doctors). She genuinely wanted to help, and see me succeed in my health goals. Overall, Kate is an AMAZING doctor that I would absolutely recommend to anyone in need!

- Lindsey

"Dr. Kate is very kind and amazing at listening to what you are going though. She is honest and explains everything in detail so that I thoroughly understand why I may be feeling how I am feeling and why we are treating issues this way. I never feel like I am just another patient, I always have her 100% attention throughout our entire session."

- Shannon J. 

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"Your healing story can start today - right now.

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Choosing a healing team should be kind of like choosing a new business partner or employee; there are important questions you really need to have answered before choosing to work together. This is our chance to have a foundational conversation that will allow us to determine what type of collaboration between us will work best. You tell us about your goals and values, and we'll tell you how we think we can help. If we believe you'll be better served by working with another health professional, we'll refer you to them. We're in this together, no matter how our partnership looks. We can't wait to meet you.

- The Sanare Functional Medicine Team