Use Your Self-talk to Your Advantage!

Well, we are a month into 2021, how are you doing? Often times, we look at the new year as a new start. A time to make changes and improve something about ourselves or situation. Although we have good intentions, sticking with our plan is sometimes a challenge. It is important to give yourself some grace. We are not perfect beings. We will make mistakes, have bad days, make poor choices. When this happens we have a tendency to focus on what we didn’t do or what we should have done. I invite you to take a different perspective. Instead of focusing on not following your plan for change, what if you were to focus on why you want to make that change. Review your reasons and the benefits for making the change. Remember that our thoughts are very powerful and strongly influence our behaviors. The more you focus on falling down or not doing something, the more you will stay stuck. Likewise, the more you focus on making a change and the reasons and benefits of doing so the more you are likely to follow thru and succeed. (BTW – This is also how you stay on track). We are already talking to ourselves all day long. Self-talk is normal and part of our make-up. Use it to your advantage by intentionally engaging in the self-talk messages you want to hear. Take control and be in charge of your mindset. Choose to be encouraging, kind, and supportive to yourself. If you want to thrive in life, use one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal – your self-talk.

Have a great February.