Measuring Up – 2018 Annual Report

Sanare Todayis pleased to share a summary of our goals and our progress towards these goals. We have been providing care to individuals, both adolescent and adult across Delaware, Chester, Bucks and Montgomery Counties for almost 3 years now.

Our Mission:  The mission of Sanare Today is to provide a pathway to hope, peace and happiness for individuals who want the most out of life and who may be struggling with mental health and substance use issues. A primary goal is to help individuals become stabilized emotionally and be able to succeed at school/work, maintain healthy interpersonal relationships, and learn effective coping strategies to dealing with life’s challenges.

Program Effectiveness

Of all the clients who completed effectiveness measurement assessments at intake and again at discharge, 100% reported at least a 40% reduction in their symptoms. Results from the Sanare Symptom Checklist Assessment showed the following percentage of symptom reduction: anxiety 50%, depression 41%, mania 48%, insomnia 50% from admission to discharge. The Adult PHQ-9 Assessment showed a 30% reduction and the Adolescent PHQ-9 assessment showed at 56% reduction in symptoms from intake to discharge.

Program Efficiency

Average group size of 4 or more was maintained 49% of time for 2018 with group size growing by 20% the second half of the year. While we strive to limit group size from being too large there is also a minimum number of clients we would like to achieve in each group so that group dynamics can be maintained. Our goal for 2018 was to maintain a minimum of 4 clients in group 50% of the time, which we nearly met, which allows for adequate group dynamics and peer support.

Program Access

Sanare Today has scheduled evaluations for clients within 48 business hours of their availability, 94% of the time. Our target was: 90% of the time.

Client Satisfaction

Satisfaction scores at discharge from our programs produced the following ratings:

Quality of Program 99%, Client feeling better 92.5%, Overall Satisfaction 93%, and Confidence in recommending Sanare to family/friend 97.5%.

Of Clients who participated in the 30-60 day post discharge maintenance of mental health survey, 89.5% continued their coordinated aftercare, 71.5% stated that they felt better than when they discharged from our program due to using the strategies and ideas discussed in the program, 25% stated that they felt the same as when they were discharged—one client did not continue with the intended aftercare plan, and only one client returned to a higher level of care (PHP).

As you can see from our outcome monitors the care we provide at Sanare Today has a positive, longstanding impact on those who complete our program. We are here to show you that living a satisfying, happy and rewarding life IS possible.  At Sanare we believe you shouldn’t just ‘maintain’ but actually THRIVE. 

Please contact Janet Rodia, Chief Operating Officer at 610.344.9600 for any questions or for further information.