Hello Everyone,

What are you doing that you find enjoyable? Notice I asked, “what are you doing” not what have you done.  If it has been awhile since enjoying tasks or activities, you might be running on empty soon.  In my book, “When you can’t snap out of it”, you may recall the exercise, “FILL ‘ER UP”.  This exercise refers to how we need to keep our tank filled.  If your car runs out of gas, you break down.  If you go long enough without some kind of enjoyment, you will also break down. Life will frequently present challenges and stressors. That’s why it is vital to plan and follow through with tasks and activities that re-energize you or fill up your tank.

  1. In a journal or notebook, make a list of things you do or used to like doing.
    • Exercising, walking, etc…
    • Going to a movie with a friend
    • Working in the garden, pulling weeds
    • Playing a video game or game on the computer
  2. Recall a time you did two or three of the things on your list. Be as vividly descriptive as possible.
  3. Imagine doing one of the things you listed.
  4. Imagine feeling good about and energized by it. What would you be saying to yourself in order to feel energized and refueled?  For example, “I loved pulling the weeds out of the garden. It relieved a lot of tension. As I pulled some weeds out I wanted to pull more and more out. I really worked up a sweat. The garden looked great when I was done. I felt good about what I accomplished. My family really liked how the garden looked. They said I did a great job. That felt good to hear. Each time I pass the garden I felt good.”

Now it’s your turn. Write what you could say. Remember the goal is to feel energized. What can you say in order to reach that goal?

Now that you can remember it, it’s time to do it. Pick one of the activities from your list and go do it now (or at least this week)!

After you are done, write, “Why you do feel good.” Don’t write how you felt.  You are to plan and predict that you will feel good.

Best regards,

~ Dr. Lou