COVID can make you think you can’t!

Hi Everyone,

Today, more than ever, it seems we are stressed to the max. Between wearing masks; not being able to attend certain events; having to work from home while also home schooling our kids, as well as not being able to live our life the way we “normally” do sets us up to feel frustrated and overwhelmed. Such circumstances are almost a recipe for developing depression and anxiety.

A large piece of depression and anxiety feelings involves the thought process of “I can’t”. I know you are probably saying, that thinking is actually accurate. COVID has made us limit what we can do. That’s correct. It has limited it. It has not eliminated it. There is a difference.

Keep in mind the importance and influence of realizing what is and is not within our control. Focusing on things outside of our control is a set up for frustration, disappointment , sadness and even anxiety and depression. So, what CAN we do?

If you feel isolated, how can you connect with others? (Meet up outside, maintain social distances, call someone, connect on zoom, etc…). “I can’t go to the gym, so I can’t exercise!” Really? Perhaps you can take walks, take up running, start doing yoga, google exercising at home. “I just feel so worried about getting sick or one of my loved one’s getting sick.” What CAN you do to stay healthy? I can wear a mask, wash my hands frequently, use hand sanitizer, keep my hands away from touching my face, maintain social distance when around others, drink water throughout the day, maintain a regular sleep schedule, etc…

Notice that in each of the scenarios mentioned there is probably a thought of, “I don’t want to do that.” That’s probably true. You prefer to go to the Halloween party. You prefer go to the gym to exercise. You prefer to not worry about getting sick.

So what can you do about it?

It’s all about you and what you want. And, to get what you want, you need to accept what you can do. This is obviously easier to say and harder to do. And, it is possible. You can adjust and adapt. The real key ingredient here is how you approach the situation. Will you focus on what you can’t do or what you can do?

What if you choose to focus on what you can do? How will your life be different? How will your day to day living be different? I challenge you to try it for a couple weeks.


Dr. Lou