Substance Use
IOP Program

"Where individuals come to learn they are worth recovery."

Who's appropriate?

The substance use IOP track is specific for individuals 18+ years of age struggling to thrive in every day life due to the influence of alcohol or drug addiction. Our substance use IOP track is for anyone struggling with acceptance, abstinence and functioning on a regular basis. Individual barriers to thriving may manifest through drug or alcohol abuse or dependence, DUI, loss of employment and more.

What can you expect?

Therapists work with clients to identify triggers for use, healthy responses to urges and enhancing support systems outside of the clinical setting. As a result of using experiential approaches, clients are shown the way to thrive in abstinence by experiencing skill utilization within the group setting, which allows for more effective application outside of the group. Group sizes are small (no more than 8 per group) to allow for processing in an intimate space.

How can family be involved?

Supports are asked to participate in the group setting every few weeks. This provides a safe space for supports to learn the tools being described in treatment and to learn how to provide helpful support to loved ones. This is also a place for supports to learn more about the disease of addiction and receive validation from other participants going through similar experiences.

A message from some of our
Substance Use IOP Clinicians


"I am willing to walk step by step with you in this new and different process and who knows we might even have a little fun along the way!"

-Debbie Pisan


"One small crack doesn't mean you are broken, it means you were put to the test and you didn't fall apart."

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