Raffaela Gualtieri, PHP Therapist

Raffaela (she/hers) is a master's level clinician with six years of experience. Her work spans inpatient, residential, partial, and crisis settings. Having immigrated to the United States from Italy at a young age, Raffaela understands the unique challenges faced by immigrant families. She is a passionate mental health advocate and believes in providing accessible services to communities. Raffaela holds a master's in Community & Trauma Counseling from Thomas Jefferson University, as well as a Bachelor's in Psychology with a minor in Law & Society from the same institution.

Raffaela's work is guided by a strong belief in her clients' potential to overcome their challenges. Specializing in trauma and stress-related disorders, personality disorders, schizophrenia, mood disorders, and addiction, she approaches therapy with a sense of curiosity and optimism. Raffaela integrates motivational interviewing, reality and choice theory, cognitive behavioral therapy, and existential theory to help her clients lead more fulfilling lives. Her dedication to empowering her clients and promoting personal autonomy is a testament to her belief in their strength and resilience.

Outside of work, Raffaela enjoys traveling, seeking new adventures, hitting the gym, spending time with her furbaby, reading, practicing restorative yoga, and visiting spas.