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Giving up gluten doesn't have to mean giving up your life, too.

Navigating Celiacs: A 5-week virtual group with Sanare Integrative Nutrition

Learn how to live gluten-free without the guilt, worry or inconveniece.

"What is Celiac Disease?" was Googled 33,000 times last year. You're not alone in your confusion.

Essentially, Celiac disease is an autoimmune disease that causes uncomfortable symptoms when you eat anything with gluten in it.

You might've gotten a diagnosis, a few vague pamphlets and words of encouragement without any real explanation on what you're dealing with or how to prep yourself for what's ahead of you.

So many questions and concerns often go unanswered, like...

"What's gluten? How can I tell what it's in?"

"Am I still allowed to eat out?"

"How will I know if I accidentally ate gluten and what'll happen to me?"

"I can't eat food at social events anymore...I don't want to miss out."

It's relieving to have a diagnosis, but having to figure everything else out on your own feels like you're back at square one...

That's why we created this Celiacs group. Because you deserve easy-to-reach guidance and resources to help you figure out how to live gluten-free comfortably.

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Get professional guidance from a registered dietician who's been in your shoes.

Your group's Registered Dietician, Anna Byrnes, was diagnosed with Celiacs when she was 15. When she realized nutrition was the best way she was going to meet her fitness goals, she dedicated 6 years of her life to becoming registered dietician. With her personal and professional background, she brings a uniqure persective of both the science behind and experience of living with Celiacs.

What's that mean for you? Any question you have—from how-to's to the awkward social encounters of Celiacs—will be answered.

Here's what you'll get:

  • A personal consultation with our integrative RD, Anna
  • A meal plan, tailored to you so you can take the overthinking out of your new routine
  • Weekly virtual group meetings for check-ins and support
  • 5 online, self-paced educational modules
  • 24/7 group chat for inspiration and support
  • Unlimited access to our RD, Anna

Navigating Celiacs Group Module Overview:


Do you have celiac disease?

Where does celiac come from? What tests are legitimate? How do you make sure you actually have it and not something else? We'll lay out the basics so you know exactly what you're up against.


Where to start with your celiac diagnosis

Learn the surprising foods (and toys!) you'd never believe gluten's hiding in.

We'll also discuss eating a gluten-free diet, gut healing protocols, and adjusting to this new lifestyle.


Enjoying life

The survival guide on dining out, navigating food at social gatherings, and even your own kitchen.

You'll also find out how to make those requests from your waiter that you'd rather avoid a lot easier.


So, you've been "glutened"

You just accidentally ate gluten. Now what?

You'll learn:

What foods to counteract inflammation
How to prep for symptoms
How to recover quicker
• Hacks to work through any moments of panic


 Gluten free in the kitchen

Can you still have your favorite dishes? Absolutely! This module will teach you easy and realistic swaps to make your daily meals gluten free.

You'll also walk away with a few additional recipes you can use right away.

Ready to get back to your life without being held back by Celiac symptoms?

Join The Group

The next group starts Tuesday, January 23rd.

Registration ends Friday, January 19th!

To join this group, enroll today or schedule a free 15 minute discovery call to see if you'd be a good fit for this group!


Celiac Group Cost

  • Early Bird Special (through January 14th) - $450
  • Regular Cost (starting January 15th)
    • $600 (one time payment—save $150!)
    • $150 (5 weekly installments)


Have a couple questions first?

Our intake department is open Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm to answer any questions about our programs & services, where we are located or other questions you may have. Call us today at 610-344-9600