Dr. Pranesh Patel, Medical Director, PHP

Dr. Pranesh N. Patel is a Psychiatrist in Pennsylvania who trained at the state of Delaware psychiatric facility seeing some of the most severe cases in the state. He also has 2 years of experience seeing veterans at the VA. He has experience seeing a wide variety of mental health disorders.

Dr. Patel offers a whole lifestyle approach to mental health, the mind is affected by much more than just medications, sleep, diet, exercise, and psychotherapy alone. Mental health treatment is the combination of these things in conjunction with one another.

Outside of work, Dr. Patel loves to work with his hands, he has renovated his kitchen and bathrooms on his own and enjoys the gratification of knowing that he built something with his hands. He also has a growing family with whom he loves to spend time, whether it’s teaching his son how to swim or going for a stroll in the park.