Body Image + Intuitive Eating Support Group by Dr. Kate Henry

Ally Cantando, RD also known as @theintegrativerd and Lexi Short, MS are two of my favorite talented healing experts.

They’re teaming up to bring you an incredible weekly virtual support group to help people heal their relationships with their bodies and food.

In this video you can truly see both of their passion for this topic and you’ll begin to understand why they’re so successful at helping people reach a place of joy and harmony with their bodies and nutrition.

You’ll also understand why joining this group and doing the work is a powerful act of autonomy and rebellion in a culture that is dominated by diet culture.

If you want to take back your relationship with food, regain your natural right to feel good in your body and to know how to fuel it, this group is for you.

If you want to meet once a week in a space with two hilarious, awesome, fun and brilliant clinicians who can help you feel better, this is for you.

If you want to become a person who spends less time worrying about your body and food choices and more time feeling fully present and strong this group is for you.

Sign up today

It starts October 19th, 2022.

You’ll look back and think it’s one of the best things you ever did 😊

– Dr. Kate Henry