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About Rachael Bevilacqua

Rachael Bevilacqua is the vice president of Sanare Today. She is passionate about working with all people to help them thrive. It is because of this passion that she now works with the team at Sanare Today to reach as many people as possible to connect with, learn from and teach how to thrive. Rachael helps lead the team at Sanare Today to make sure every person that comes in contact with them feels supported, encouraged and energized to make the necessary changes to excel in life, no matter what the circumstance.

Rachael's Background & Education

Rachael Bevilacqua graduated from Shippensburg University with her bachelors in psychology and exercise science. She recieved her masters degree in clinical counseling from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.  Rachael's clinical career began by shadowing intensive outpatient groups through a high school internship and working in the administrative department of Life Counseling Services for five years. While pursuing her higher education, Rachael had the opportunity to engage in many more levels of care such as outpatient individual counseling, partial hospitalization and residential care. Rachael's initial passion was to work with clients struggling with food addiction, and assist them with reconnecting mind and body in a healthier way. She has since expanded this specialty to all mental health related issues while continuing to teach clients the importance of the mind-body connection. Rachael has engaged in several speaking engagements and trainings sharing this knowledge with other providers, as well as members in the community. Rachael believes in a holistic approach to treatment where the practitioner looks at all contributing factors to an experience. It is important to not just problem-solve in life, but to recognize influencing factors and adjust the experience.


Rachael became a part of the Sanare family in 2017 where she started out running many of their intensive outpatient programs and assisting with administrative duties such as answering phones and checking insurance benefits for incoming clients. She took pride in recognizing trends in the community and piloting the various specialty groups that proved vitol to meeting community needs. Through speaking engagements and trainings, Rachael moved in to a role of marketing director where she organized lunches, tours and meet and greets with other providers in the community to learn of how Sanare could continue to expand their reach. Rachael was an integral part of clinical operations and product development and later moved in to the role of vice president. Rachael currently works with the executive team, along with other team members, to ensure the organization continues to deliver quality treatment, clinical operations continue to excel and Sanare continues to help the community, and our team members, thrive!

Rachael Outside the Office

In addition to being a therapist, Rachael enjoys spending time with her husband and kids, family and friends. She loves to exercise, travel, read, and try new things!