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Our Approach

What can you expect?

When a person comes for their initial meeting, a level of care assessment will be completed. This means that in a collaborative fashion the individual and the staff at Sanare will come up with a plan for what is needed for the individual to feel better. If recommended, the individual will be admitted to Sanare. If not, referral sources will be provided for the type of treatment recommended.

Each individual admitted to Sanare will attend four group therapies per week. Each group will be 2 and ¼ hours. A family/support session will be provided every other week for one and a half hours. Treatment planning will include arranging individual services as needed with other community providers such as acupuncture, yoga, 12-step group, physical therapy, nutrition counseling, pain management, personal training, etc. An individual will attend 18 group sessions on average. Prior to completing Sanare, the individual will be scheduled for after care services (individual therapist, psychiatrist, aftercare/support group, etc…).