Alex Orgera, Mental Health Counselor

Alex Orgera (she/her) is a Masters Level Clinician who graduated from Lesley University with a combined degree in Expressive Arts Therapy and Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Prior to graduate school, Alex received her B.A. from Carnegie Mellon University and worked for 12 years as an artist, administrator, and adult community arts educator. Her journey to become an expressive arts therapist was inspired by both her personal history of self-healing through creative expression and the opportunity she has had to witness her students’ growth and empowerment through the creative process. She is passionate about creating spaces, both in therapy and in communities, that can hold all parts of us, including the vulnerable and painful ones, and allow them to connect rather than isolate us.

Alex has experience working with both children and adults and she specializes in working with those impacted by trauma, grief, and abuse. When working with individuals and groups, she strives to create a compassionate healing environment built on trust, transparency and mutual respect, in which her clients can reclaim their sense of power and agency as they reconnect with their inner strength. As an intermodal expressive arts therapist, Alex incorporates elements of image making, creative writing, sound, movement, and role enactment in the therapeutic process to help clients access and express feelings that are not easily described in words. She is also trained in EMDR therapy, focusing, parts work, and somatic embodiment and has both witnessed and experienced firsthand the power of these tools to support lasting change. Alex recognizes that our intersecting social identities fundamentally shape our experience and engages in ongoing education to guide her in supporting and affirming clients who identify as part of LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, neurodivergent, immigrant, disability, and religious minority communities.

Clients have described Alex as warm, thoughtful, and grounded. In her free time, Alex enjoys engaging in a variety of creative pursuits, including painting, writing, weaving, photography, cooking, sewing, and listening to music. She also enjoys yoga, bicycling, going on nature walks, and foraging and picking fruit with her family.