Thrive University Workshops

May is Mental Health Awareness Month Attend you first

To attend a workshop for free, please email Olivia at to confirm your spot and to receive the meeting link if the workshop is virtual

Not everyone is looking for therapy to kick-start their way to a thriving life. Sometimes we simply need a reboot. Thrive University workshops were developed to dive right into particular topics of interest that individuals may want to learn more about or have reinforcement for skills to apply. Workshops are offered by trained professionals whether that be mental health therapists, yoga instructors, physical therapists, dietitians and more. The workshops are meant to offer a well-rounded approach to healing that addresses both mind and body. 

Whatever your needs are, we want to hear from you! See our calendar below for upcoming workshops. If you have a workshop idea that would be beneficial to you, please reach out to Olivia Rogers at

Upcoming Workshops