Suzanne Fisher, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

After graduating with her MSW from Temple University in 2005, and over the past 15+ years in her varied roles as a clinical social worker, Suzanne has been watching, gathering data, and riveted by people patterns: those that we develop in context of families of origin, religious and cultural imprints, neurobiological intricacies, as well as epigenetics’ effects on our own stress responses.

As a mother of 3 children, Suzanne’s personal journey has deeply informed her specialty of working with women who have survived difficult experiences as they transition and navigate the challenging waters of Motherhood. A strong believer in the adaptive growth and support Nature provides--especially following grief, loss, and trauma--she regularly encourages women to find grounding and renewal by immersing themselves in Nature to assist with the healing process. Clinically, she enjoys weaving knowledge and somatic practices focusing on body/brain/soul integration with the help of yoga, meditation, vagus nerve education and practices, Enneagram education, intergenerational trauma inquiries, and always witnesses adaptive growth using EMDR, as a certified EMDR practitioner.

In her free time, Suzanne can be found hiking the local trails throughout Northern Chester County, spending time at the French & Pickering Creeks, kayaking the Schuylkill and Delaware rivers, and camping with her 3 kiddos, partner and doggo, Baxter. Suz is a huge book nerd; she can be caught reading anything written by Rumi, Michael Meade, or Dr. Clarissa Pinkola-Estes, catching the latest podcast on one of her favorite topics--the Enneagram or learning more about neuroscience and the body.