Our Services


Sanare Today is an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) that provides group treatment for individuals in crisis or who are struggling with maintaining emotional stability. We offer both mental health and substance use groups. Groups are held 4 days a week to provide more support and direction than traditional outpatient care. IOP groups are provided separately for adolescents and adults. The IOP is an effective step down transition for individuals coming out of a hospital or as a preventive measure to inpatient treatment.

Each group session runs for 2 ¼ hours. Family support groups are scheduled weekly or every other week. Sanare Today offers day and evening programs in several different office locations.

Life Coaching

Sanare Today also offers life coaching. Sanare Today Life Coaching provides guidance for day to day living as well as therapeutic technique implementation. It involves working with adolescents and adults struggling to thrive at their ideal capacity. The core process involves mainly individual, but at times, group sessions. The coaching plan is determined through the collaboration of the client, the coach and the referring provider (if applicable). Each session runs for a total of 60 minutes, unless predetermined otherwise.

Sanare Today Life Coaching is designed for individuals who would benefit from more experiential services instead of, or in addition to, traditional mental health or substance use treatment. Life coaching is an effective step down from the intensive outpatient program and an effective addition to individual, one-on-one treatment.