Lindsey Bevilacqua, Accountability Coach

Meet Lindsey Bevilacqua

Lindsey Bevilacqua is an accountability coach at Sanare Today. Lindsey is passionate about supporting clients and her team at Sanare Today.

Lindsey is the warm voice on the other end of the phone that will follow up with clients after their initial visits with Dr. Kate and Ally. She provides the extra support and encouragment to Functional Medicine clients to help them succeed wherever they need help thriving. Lindsey has been working alongside Dr. Kate for a year and has gained a thorough understanding of naturopathic methods such as supplementation, life style changes, and mindfulness.

Additionally, Lindsey conducts one hour assessments for anyone looking for coaching. She works with clients for at least three weeks to help them establish routine and ensure they are following through with their everyday intentions. This not only helps with accountability, but making sure clients’ needs are met, and providing an opportunity to check in and see how they are really doing.

Lindsey is currently a nursing student with clinical nursing experience. In her free time, Lindsey enjoys practicing yoga, spending time with her family, and keeping up with the latest medical advancements in the functional medicine world. Her number one goal at Sanare is being an advocate for mental health, and making sure that clients always feel heard and are getting the care they deserve.