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Sanare Today Life Coaches

Sanare Today’s life coaching program offers an extension of services to provide guidance to thrive in day to day life. Coaches will complete an evaluation with client in person for an hour and will collaborate with outpatient providers as appropriate. Life coaches work with clients to implement skills “in the field” to help empower them to feel capable and able to function at maximum capacity. This program is different than most in that our coaches assist in providing tools as opposed to hand-holding during this process. For instance, coaches will not necessarily be helping you clean your room, but will help evaluate barriers to doing this on your own such as difficulty responding to overwhelm, struggles with knowing how to prioritize etc. This approach is a crucial part of the process in that clients should end the program feeling empowered and independent as opposed to needing coaching or therapy forever.

Tasks include:

  • Career Goals (i.e. helping with school or job applications and interview skills)
  • Daily Functioning (i.e. assessing the home/living environment, grocery shopping, cooking, learning to clean, organization, gym/exercise, paying bills (finances), making phone calls (student loans etc.), train/bus)
  • Therapy Objectives: (i.e. exposure therapy treatment program provided by therapist, assistance with anxiety provoking situations, prompting and assistance with awareness for thought reframing.
  • Socializing and Support Groups: (i.e. eating out, dating profile, role-play dates, going to social events, shopping, going to AA or other support groups, going to a meet-up group, new programs)

Our Coaches


Devan Everett

Devan Everett earned her B.S. in General Psychology from Kutztown University. She is currently studying at Rosemont College to earn an M.A. in Counseling Psychology. Devan is also certified in Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Survivor Advocate.

Devan has experience working with clients ranging from older adolescents to adults who are struggling with general functioning issues, depression, anxiety, and substance use disorders. Devan follows a cognitive-behavioral approach to mental health, by challenging dysfunctional ways of thinking. In addition, Devan emphasizes a holistic approach to wellness by incorporating health and fitness into coaching, and providing accountability for each client. Devan believes that sometimes “you must learn a new way to think before you can master a new way to be.” Devan enjoys helping clients navigate the road to self-appreciation.

Devan works with the older adolescent and adult population. Specialties include: Drugs and alcohol, relapse prevention, organization, daily planning, incorporation of movement and more. Devan’s general hours of availability include evenings during the week and additional availability through the weekend.


Alex Feldstein

Alex Feldstein is working as a Life coach while completing his Graduate degree in Clinical Mental Health and School Counseling at West Chester University. He completed his B.A in Exercise Physiology and Health Promotion at Otterbein University.

Alex has a variety of experience, including corporate settings, college settings, advocating for students with learning differences, personal training, life coaching, and smoking cessation. His specialties are self-advocacy, mindfulness techniques, anxiety, learning differences, study strategies, college application process, interview skills, and exercise as medicine. His approach to health is that every person deserves an opportunity to live a healthy life.

Through mind, body, and environment, his goal is to give people the tools they need to feel confident, comfortable, and happy with who they are. He does not believe that there is one perfect approach to any problem. Every individual is different, every problem is unique, and therefore every path to success looks different for everyone

Alex works with adolescents 14 and older, as well as the adult population.  Specialties include: Middle school, high school and college, adult and older adult age; drugs and alcohol, ADHD, nutrition, self-esteem, confidence issues and more. His general hours of availability include morning to late-afternoon during the week and weekends.


Caitlin Mede

Caitlin earned her B.A. in Psychology at Temple University and is currently finishing her M.S. in Mental Health Counseling at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Caitlin has worked in hospital settings and college settings and has experience working with individuals struggling with substance use disorders, depression, trauma, and anxiety. She believes that focusing on the whole person, including their mental health, physical health, environment, social life, and values, is critical to growth. Caitlin’s goal is to help people to live their most meaningful life and believes that looks different for each client. Her approach is to be creative, laugh, and have fun even while working through difficult problems.

Caitlin works with adolescents 14 and older, as well as the adult population. Specialties include: health and lifestyle changes such as sustaining exercise routines and plant-based diets; organization and scheduling; relapse prevention; dealing with anxiety and more. Caitlin’s general availability is Wednesday through Sunday.


Siobhonn Job

Graduating with an undergraduate degree in Psychology, Siobhonn is currently pursuing postgraduate education in Mental Health Counselling starting the path to licensure as a professional counsellor.

After walking away from building a career in academia that felt too removed from the realities of life, Siobhonn found passion in advocating for youth, sexual and reproductive health and LGBTQ rights. Passionate about these causes, Siobhonn works with an international advocacy organisation and, more locally, as a domestic violence counselor seeing all the strength in those who feel they have none. Working in these areas called Siobhonn to the helping professions.

With a little ease and a lot of empathy, Siobhonn finds joy in connecting with people from differing walks of life. Siobhonn particularly appreciates working with marginalised groups and young, middle-aged, and older adults to create spaces where they feel free, heard, appreciated and understood. A champion of empowerment models, Siobhonn believes in helping individuals to create and harness the tools and resources to create lives they want to live and love.

Siobhonn’s general availability weekday afternoons and weekends.