IOP in West Chester, PA

917 Old Fern Hill Rd, Suite 100, West Chester, PA 19380


Sanare Today's West Chester location is located just past the medical building on Old Fern Hill Road. You can expect to be greeted by your therapist in the lobby and have water, coffee or tea at your disposal. Please be sure to wear a mask on your way in and a shield will be provided if you so desire. We look forward to thriving with you soon!

Services offered in our West Chester Location

Sanare Today offers 7 different service options for IOP in West Chester to meet the needs of the community! Please see details below outlining each group offered at this location and their corresponding days and times for programming. For more information, please contact us directly. 

Programming listed below refers to our IOP group options in West Chester:

Adult Mental Health IOP- MTThF 9-11:15 & M-Th 1:45-4

Adult Dual Diagnosis IOP (virtual)- M-Th 10-12:15

Young Adult Mental Health IOP- M-Th 1:30-3:45

Adolescent Mental Health IOP- M,W,Th 3:45-5 T 5:30-7:45 (family night)

Child/Tween Mental Health IOP (virtual)- M-Th 3-5:15

Autism-Specific Mental Health IOP- M-Th 5:30-7:45


In addition to the above IOP group options, this location also provides the following outpatient services:

Child/Tween Mental Health Outpatient Weekly Group (virtual)- T 5:30-7

Kate Racine, LPC offers individual outpatient sessions through Sanare Counseling Services.

Staff at our West Chester location

Sanare Today has 6 different clinicians servicing the community in our West Chester location. Please click the bio's below to learn more about each therapist's background. For more information, please contact us directly.

Mike Smolenski

Adolescent MH


Rachael Bevilacqua

Adult MH-AM


Ken Beldon

Adult Dual


Kate Racine

Child/Tween MH IOP & OP (virtual)

Alexis Grier

Adult MH-AFTN   & Autism (in-person)