Karla Pazzi, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Karla Pazzi is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who earned an MSW from Smith College School for Social Work in 2004. She currently leads the DBT-Specific IOP program for Adults at the Center City location. Karla has spent most of her career working in higher levels of mental health care from inpatient to IOP and has developed a strong respect for the group experience. Even if a client doesn't think they want to be in a group, they can sometimes learn more from other clients than if they were just in individual therapy.

For 14 years Karla has been helping clients learn and apply DBT-specific skills to experience their emotions differently and increase self control, especially when overwhelmed. She continues to work in this level of care because she gets excited watching people grow by responding skillfully to difficult situations rather than reacting emotionally. She enjoys bringing clients together to support each other and uses compassion, honesty, and humor to help this process.

In her downtime, Karla spends time with her family and pursues hobbies like watching documentaries, learning Tai Chi, ballet, and juggling (which is coming along slowly.)