Child & Tween IOP

Children and guardians can feel empowered to thrive no matter what!

child & tween IOP

Who is appropriate?

Sanare Today offers a child & tween IOP track specific for individuals 8-13 years of age struggling to thrive in every day life. This track was specifically developed in response to the high-demand from schools and the community to assist youth in navigating emotional distress. Similar to our other mental health IOP tracks, the child & tween IOP program focuses on the treatment of depression, anxiety, trauma and other mental health concerns. For individuals struggling to make it to school, isolating from peers or supports, having difficulty communicating or expressing themselves or who demonstrate significant shifts in mood.

What can group members expect?

Therapists work with children and younger teenagers to focus on healthy behavior change, communication skills, stress reduction and emotional regulation at home, at school and in social situations. As a result of using experiential approaches, this age group is shown the way to thrive by experiencing skill utilization within the group setting, which allows application to succeed outside of the group. Group sizes are small (no more than 8 per group) to allow for processing in an intimate space.

How can family be involved?

Parents can expect guidance and direction, in addition to their children. Weekly family support sessions are offered to give parents and caregivers an opportunity to learn about the skills being taught during group session, have a space to express concerns (without children present for a portion), and given specific tools for themselves to guide their children in productive ways. Both children and guardians have the opportunity to feel empowered to thrive no matter the circumstance!

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