Appointments with Dr. Ana Rodriguez, ND

Dr. Kate Advanced Discovery Call

Advanced Discovery Call

Get Started

15 Minutes with Dr. Ana

Wondering if we treat your condition? Want in-depth details about how our advanced, multidisciplinary approach is different? Get answers about specific questions regarding Sanare Functional Medicine and our care.

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Food-as-Medicine Initial Visit

Next Step Towards Thriving

30 Minutes with Dr. Ana

30 minute nutrition visit to help you custom design a sample menu that meets 100% RDI vitamins and minerals while excluding food sensitivities, allergies, etc. so that you can thrive.

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Follow Up

Momentum & Mindfulness

50 Minutes with Dr. Ana

Follow ups are a chance for us to drop in and do a meaningful assessment of how your plan has been working.


Check In

Optimize & Elevate

30 Minutes with Dr. Ana

Life changes. Your plan should adapt, too. These visits are meant to be heartfelt drop-ins where we can connect, optimize whatever isn't working best, and keep you moving forward on your leading edge.


Quick Question Consult

15 Minutes with Dr. Ana

If you have a question that's more than a yes or no answer, it deserves a 15 minute follow up.

Cancellation Policy: We're so glad you booked and are looking forward to connecting with you! If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please use the links provided in your confirmation email from Healthie at least 48 hours in advance of your appointment. This will allow you to avoid incurring a late-cancellation fee of $50 for paid appointments, which is charged for appointments cancelled less than 48 hours from the start time. If you choose to cancel your appointment on time and do not want to reschedule, you'll receive your original payment back minus the processing fee of 3%, which is automatically paid to the credit processing company when you book. If you choose to reschedule, we'll keep your original payment on file and credit you for a future appointment to avoid multiple processing fees. Thank you and can't wait to see you!