Alex Feldstein

Alex Feldstein is working as a Life coach while completing his Graduate degree in Clinical Mental Health and School Counseling at West Chester University. He completed his B.A in Exercise Physiology and Health Promotion at Otterbein University.

Alex has a variety of experience, including corporate settings, college settings, advocating for students with learning differences, personal training, life coaching, and smoking cessation. His specialties are self-advocacy, mindfulness techniques, anxiety, learning differences, study strategies, college application process, interview skills, and exercise as medicine. His approach to health is that every person deserves an opportunity to live a healthy life.

Through mind, body, and environment, his goal is to give people the tools they need to feel confident, comfortable, and happy with who they are. He does not believe that there is one perfect approach to any problem. Every individual is different, every problem is unique, and therefore every path to success looks different for everyone

Alex works with adolescents 14 and older, as well as the adult population.  Specialties include: Middle school, high school and college, adult and older adult age; drugs and alcohol, ADHD, nutrition, self-esteem, confidence issues and more. His general hours of availability include morning to late-afternoon during the week and weekends.