Dr. Newman Headshot

About Dr. Karen Newman

Dr. Karen Newman is a psychiatric doctor who has served as a psychiatrist for treatment centers in and around Philadelphia treating adults and older adolescents for more than three decades. Areas of specialty have included: mood disorders, anxiety disorders, trauma, chemical addiction, mother/child addiction programs, sexual addiction, and ADHD-related issues.

Dr. Newman Background & Education

Dr. Karen Newman received her 1987 MD from Temple University Medical School with her pre-medical (post-Baccalaureate) training at Columbia and served a residency in Adult Psychiatry at Hahnemann University. Part of her residency time involved off-site training in psychodrama.

She prefers a collaborative model of care, which is one reason for choosing Sanare Today. She believes in evidence-based medicine, holistic approaches and a relational approach to working with individuals. It has been powerfully rewarding to witness people becoming stronger, more vibrant and the masters of their lives.

Dr. Newman Outside the Office

Prior to her medical career, Dr. Newman worked in New York city in the musical theatre (performance, writing and vocal coaching). She continues to be involved with musical theatre projects with her husband, a theater director and teacher. She feels her approach to psychiatry is informed by the arts and humanities.